Institutional Oral History of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Andrews, Frank
A Dual Teaching Career: An Oral History with UC Santa Cruz Professor Frank Andrews

Armstrong-Zwart, Julia
Adding a Plank to the Bridge: Julia Armstrong-Zwart's Leadership at UC Santa Cruz

Baumgarten, Murray
Murray's Universe: An Oral History with UCSC Professor Murray Baumgarten, 1966-2014

Baxter, Wendy and Slater, Deana

A Different Model for the UCSC Colleges: Colleges Nine and Ten, An Oral History with Deana Slater and Wendy Baxter

Berger, Harry, Jr.
The Critical World of Harry Berger, Jr.: An Oral History

Blake, J. Herman
"Look'n M' Face and Hear M' Story": An Oral History with Professor J. Herman Blake

Bottoms, Rita
Rita Bottoms, Polyartist Librarian, 1965-2003

Burns, Jim
Telling UC Santa Cruz's Story: An Oral History with Public Affairs Director Jim Burns, (1984-2014)

Cabrera, Rosie
With Conocimiento, Love, Spirit, and Community: Rosie Cabrera's Leadership at UC Santa Cruz, 1984-2013

Calciano, Elizabeth Spedding
Elizabeth Spedding Calciano: Founding Director of the Regional History Project, UCSC Library

Castillo, Pedro
Professor Pedro Castillo: Historian, Chicano Leader, Mentor

Caudle, Ann and Keller, Jennifer
Teaching is New Every Day: An Oral History of Science Illustration Teacher-Administrators Jenny Keller and Ann Caudle

Clark, Donald T.
Donald T. Clark: Early UCSC History and the Founding of the University Library

Clifford, James
James Clifford: Tradition and Transformation at UC Santa Cruz

Cowan, Michael
"It Became My Case Study": Professor Michael Cowan's Four Decades at UC Santa Cruz

Cowell Press
Cowell Press and Its Legacy: 1973-2004

Dasmann, Raymond F.
Raymond F. Dasmann: A Life in Conservation Biology

Dizikes, John
John Dizikes: Reflections on a Life of Learning and Teaching at UC Santa Cruz, 1965-2000

Domhoff, G. William
G. William Domhoff: The Adventures and Regrets of a Professor of Dreams and Power

Dyson, Allan J.
Allan J. Dyson: Managing the UCSC Library, 1979-2003

Fackler, Louis F.
Louis F. Fackler: Founding Campus Engineer, UC Santa Cruz

Freeman, Carol
Teaching Writing in the Company of Friends: An Oral History with Carol Freeman

Friedland, William
Community Studies and Research for Change: An Oral History with William Friedland

Greenwood, M.R.C.
From Complex Organisms to A Complex Organization: An Oral History with UCSC Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood, 1996-2004

Griggs, Gary
From the Ground Up: UCSC Professor Gary Griggs as Researcher, Teacher, and Institution Builder

Gruhn, Isebill "Ronnie" V.
Professor Isebill "Ronnie" V. Gruhn: Recollections of UCSC, 1969-2013

Haraway, Donna
Edges and Ecotones: Donna Haraway's Worlds at UCSC

Hyde, Harold A.
Harold A. Hyde: Recollections of Santa Cruz County

Kerr, Clark
Clark Kerr and the Founding of UC Santa Cruz

Kliger, David
Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger

Landesman, Edward
In the Beginning...and Beyond: Edward M. Landesman—Professor of Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz

Laporte, Leo F.
Leo F. Laporte: Professor of Earth Sciences: Recollections of UCSC, 1971-1996

Le Boeuf, Burney
Burney J. Le Boeuf, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1994

Locks, Norman
Picture to Picture: An Oral History with Photographer-Teacher Norman Locks

Lynch, John Patrick
John P. Lynch: Campus Citizen, Community Educator, Classics Professor

McFadden, Daniel H.
Daniel H. McFadden: The Chancellor Mark Christensen Era at UCSC, 1974-1976

McHenry, Dean E.
Dean E. McHenry: Founding Chancellor of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Machotka, Pavel
Founding the Aesthetic Studies Major at UC Santa Cruz: An Oral History with Professor Pavel Machotka

McClellan, Douglas
An Artist with Shoes On: An Oral History of Founding UC Santa Cruz Professor of Art Douglas McClellan

Martin Shaw, Carolyn
"Faculty and Students Together in the Redwoods": An Oral History with Carolyn Martin Shaw

Miller, Leta
Weaving Practice Into History: An Interview with Professor of Music, Leta Miller

Moglen, Helene
Helene Moglen and the Vicissitudes of a Feminist Administrator

Nájera-Ramírez, Olga
Crossing Borders, Crossing Worlds: An Oral History of UC Santa Cruz Professor Olga Nájera-Ramírez

Nauenberg, Michael
Michael Nauenberg: Professor of Physics: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1996

Newberry, Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd Newberry, Professor of Biology: Reflections on UCSC, 1965-1994

Norris, Kenneth S.
Kenneth S. Norris, Naturalist, Cetologist and Conservationist, 1924-1998: An Oral History Biography

Oakes College
Oakes College: An Oral History

Pepper, Jim
Jim Pepper: The Evolution of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz

Pister, Karl S.
Karl S. Pister: UCSC Chancellorship, 1991-1996

Rose, Jasper
For a More Humane World: A Family History of Professor Jasper Rose

Rotkin, Mike
Mike Rotkin and the Rise and Fall of Community Studies at UCSC, 1969-2010

Reguerin, Pablo
An Act of Love: Serving Undocumented Students at UCSC

Sánchez, Elba R.
A Lifetime Commitment to Giving Voice: An Oral History of Elba R. Sánchez

Scott, Peter
Peter Scott, Professor of Physics: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1994

Seeds of Something Different: An Oral History of the University of California, Santa Cruz
Edited by Irene Reti, Cameron Vanderscoff, and Sarah Rabkin

(trade paperback available through Bookshop Santa Cruz and Bay Tree Bookstore

Shaw, Priscilla "Tilly"
Professor Priscilla "Tilly" Shaw: Poet, Teacher, Administrator

Sinsheimer, Karen
Karen Sinsheimer: Life at UC Santa Cruz, 1981-1987

Sinsheimer, Robert
Robert Sinsheimer, Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz 1977-1987

Smith, Page
Page Smith: Cowell College and UCSC: A Decade of Educational Innovation

Solomon, Ruth
"Everything was a Stage": An Oral History with Ruth Solomon, Founding UCSC Professor of Theater Arts and Dance

Stanley, Audrey

"Chatting with Cameron": An Oral History with Professor Audrey Stanley, Co-Founder of Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Stevens, Robert
Robert Stevens, UCSC Chancellorship, 1987-1991

Tanner, R. Michael
Leading through Transitions and Turbulence: An Oral History with Executive Vice Chancellor R. Michael Tanner

Taylor, Angus E.
Angus E. Taylor: UCSC Chancellorship, 1976-1977

Thimann, Kenneth V.
Kenneth V. Thimann: Early UCSC History and the Founding of Crown College

UCSC Arboretum
The UCSC Arboretum: A Grand Experiment

UCSC Farm and Garden Project
The Early History of UCSC's Farm and Garden Project

UC Santa Cruz in the Mid-1970s: A Time of Transition, Volume I
An Oral History with John Marcum, Sigfried Puknat, Robert Adams, John Ellis, and Paul Niebanck

UC Santa Cruz in the Mid-1970s: A Time of Transition, Volume II
An Oral History with Professor George Von der Muhll

UCSC Student Interviews
Student Interviews, 1967 and 1969

Student Interviews Fifty Years Later: 2017

UCSC Women's Center
Crossing Borders: The UCSC Women's Center, 1985-2005

White, Hayden
Hayden White: Frontiers of Consciousness at UCSC

Wilkes, John
Creating a World-Class Graduate Program on a Unique Campus: An Oral History with John Wilkes, Founder of UCSC's Science Communication Program

Willson, F.M. Glenn
F.M. Glenn Willson: Early UCSC History and the Founding of Stevenson College

Venegas, Yolanda
Teaching Writing and Rewriting Reality: An Oral History with UC Santa Cruz Scholar-Activist Dr. Yolanda Venegas

Zavella, Patricia
Patricia Zavella: Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Zwart, Frank
Growth and Stewardship: Frank Zwart's Four Decades at UC Santa Cruz