Institutional Oral History of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Andrews, Frank
A Dual Teaching Career: An Oral History with UC Santa Cruz Professor Frank Andrews

Armstrong-Zwart, Julia
Adding a Plank to the Bridge: Julia Armstrong-Zwart's Leadership at UC Santa Cruz

Baumgarten, Murray
Murray's Universe: An Oral History with UCSC Professor Murray Baumgarten, 1966-2014

Baxter, Wendy and Slater, Deana
A Different Model for the UCSC Colleges: Colleges Nine and Ten, An Oral History with Deana Slater and Wendy Baxter

Berger, Harry, Jr.
The Critical World of Harry Berger, Jr.: An Oral History

Blake, J. Herman
"Look'n M' Face and Hear M' Story": An Oral History with Professor J. Herman Blake

Blumenthal, George
From the Mysteries of the Universe to the Mysteries of the Univers-ity: An Oral History with UC Santa Cruz Chancellor George Blumenthal

Bottoms, Rita
Rita Bottoms, Polyartist Librarian, 1965-2003

Burns, Jim
Telling UC Santa Cruz's Story: An Oral History with Public Affairs Director Jim Burns, (1984-2014)

Cabrera, Rosie
With Conocimiento, Love, Spirit, and Community: Rosie Cabrera's Leadership at UC Santa Cruz, 1984-2013

Calciano, Elizabeth Spedding
Elizabeth Spedding Calciano: Founding Director of the Regional History Project, UCSC Library

Castillo, Pedro
Professor Pedro Castillo: Historian, Chicano Leader, Mentor

Caudle, Ann and Keller, Jennifer
Teaching is New Every Day: An Oral History of Science Illustration Teacher-Administrators Jenny Keller and Ann Caudle

Clark, Donald T.
Donald T. Clark: Early UCSC History and the Founding of the University Library

Clifford, James
James Clifford: Tradition and Transformation at UC Santa Cruz

Cowan, Michael
"It Became My Case Study": Professor Michael Cowan's Four Decades at UC Santa Cruz

Cowell Press
Cowell Press and Its Legacy: 1973-2004

Dasmann, Raymond F.
Raymond F. Dasmann: A Life in Conservation Biology

Dickinson, Bill and Gary Miles
"An Intergenerational Community of Friends": An Oral History of the Page and Eloise Smith Scholastic Society / Smith Renaissance Society with Bill Dickinson and Gary Miles

Dizikes, John
John Dizikes: Reflections on a Life of Learning and Teaching at UC Santa Cruz, 1965-2000

Domhoff, G. William
G. William Domhoff: The Adventures and Regrets of a Professor of Dreams and Power

Dyson, Allan J.
Allan J. Dyson: Managing the UCSC Library, 1979-2003

Ellis, Miriam
Grand Opera: The Life, Languages, and Teaching of Miriam Ellis

Fackler, Louis F.
Louis F. Fackler: Founding Campus Engineer, UC Santa Cruz

Freeman, Carol
Teaching Writing in the Company of Friends: An Oral History with Carol Freeman

Friedland, William
Community Studies and Research for Change: An Oral History with William Friedland

Greenwood, M.R.C.
From Complex Organisms to A Complex Organization: An Oral History with UCSC Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood, 1996-2004

Griggs, Gary
From the Ground Up: UCSC Professor Gary Griggs as Researcher, Teacher, and Institution Builder

Gruhn, Isebill "Ronnie" V.
Professor Isebill "Ronnie" V. Gruhn: Recollections of UCSC, 1969-2013

Haraway, Donna
Edges and Ecotones: Donna Haraway's Worlds at UCSC

Hyde, Harold A.
Harold A. Hyde: Recollections of Santa Cruz County

Jansen, Virginia
"Study What is in your Backyard": Professor Virginia Jansen and the UC Santa Cruz Campus

Kerr, Clark
Clark Kerr and the Founding of UC Santa Cruz

Kliger, David
Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger

Landesman, Edward
In the Beginning...and Beyond: Edward M. Landesman—Professor of Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz

Laporte, Leo F.
Leo F. Laporte: Professor of Earth Sciences: Recollections of UCSC, 1971-1996

Le Boeuf, Burney
Burney J. Le Boeuf, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1994

Locks, Norman
Picture to Picture: An Oral History with Photographer-Teacher Norman Locks

Lynch, John Patrick
John P. Lynch: Campus Citizen, Community Educator, Classics Professor

McFadden, Daniel H.
Daniel H. McFadden: The Chancellor Mark Christensen Era at UCSC, 1974-1976

McHenry, Dean E.
Dean E. McHenry: Founding Chancellor of the University of California, Santa Cruz

Machotka, Pavel
Founding the Aesthetic Studies Major at UC Santa Cruz: An Oral History with Professor Pavel Machotka

McClellan, Douglas
An Artist with Shoes On: An Oral History of Founding UC Santa Cruz Professor of Art Douglas McClellan

Martin Shaw, Carolyn
"Faculty and Students Together in the Redwoods": An Oral History with Carolyn Martin Shaw

Miller, Leta
Weaving Practice Into History: An Interview with Professor of Music, Leta Miller

Moglen, Helene
Helene Moglen and the Vicissitudes of a Feminist Administrator

Nájera-Ramírez, Olga
Crossing Borders, Crossing Worlds: An Oral History of UC Santa Cruz Professor Olga Nájera-Ramírez

Nauenberg, Michael
Michael Nauenberg: Professor of Physics: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1996

Newberry, Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd Newberry, Professor of Biology: Reflections on UCSC, 1965-1994

Norris, Kenneth S.
Kenneth S. Norris, Naturalist, Cetologist and Conservationist, 1924-1998: An Oral History Biography

Pepper, Jim
Jim Pepper: The Evolution of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz

Pister, Karl S.
Karl S. Pister: UCSC Chancellorship, 1991-1996

Rose, Jasper
For a More Humane World: A Family History of Professor Jasper Rose

Rotkin, Mike
Mike Rotkin and the Rise and Fall of Community Studies at UCSC, 1969-2010

Reguerin, Pablo
An Act of Love: Serving Undocumented Students at UCSC

Sánchez, Elba R.
A Lifetime Commitment to Giving Voice: An Oral History of Elba R. Sánchez

Scott, Peter
Peter Scott, Professor of Physics: Recollections of UCSC, 1966-1994

Shaw, Priscilla "Tilly" 
Professor Priscilla "Tilly" Shaw: Poet, Teacher, Administrator

Sinsheimer, Karen
Karen Sinsheimer: Life at UC Santa Cruz, 1981-1987

Sinsheimer, Robert
Robert Sinsheimer, Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz 1977-1987

Smith, Page
Page Smith: Cowell College and UCSC: A Decade of Educational Innovation

Solomon, Ruth
"Everything was a Stage": An Oral History with Ruth Solomon, Founding UCSC Professor of Theater Arts and Dance

Stanley, Audrey
"Chatting with Cameron": An Oral History with Professor Audrey Stanley, Co-Founder of Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Stevens, Robert
Robert Stevens, UCSC Chancellorship, 1987-1991

Tanner, R. Michael
Leading through Transitions and Turbulence: An Oral History with Executive Vice Chancellor R. Michael Tanner

Taylor, Angus E.
Angus E. Taylor: UCSC Chancellorship, 1976-1977

Thimann, Kenneth V.
Kenneth V. Thimann: Early UCSC History and the Founding of Crown College

White, Hayden 
Hayden White: Frontiers of Consciousness at UCSC

Wilkes, John
Creating a World-Class Graduate Program on a Unique Campus: An Oral History with John Wilkes, Founder of UCSC's Science Communication Program

Willson, F.M. Glenn 
F.M. Glenn Willson: Early UCSC History and the Founding of Stevenson College

Venegas, Yolanda
Teaching Writing and Rewriting Reality: An Oral History with UC Santa Cruz Scholar-Activist Dr. Yolanda Venegas

Zavella, Patricia
Patricia Zavella: Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Zwart, Frank 
Growth and Stewardship: Frank Zwart's Four Decades at UC Santa Cruz


Series Interviews and Anthologies

Cultivating a Movement: An Oral HIstory of Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture on California's Central Coast
(includes many oral histories related to the UCSC Agroecology Program and other UCSC programs.)

Oakes College: An Oral History

Out in the Redwoods: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered History at UC Santa Cruz, 1965-2003

Seeds of Something Different: An Oral History of the University of California, Santa Cruz
Edited by Irene Reti, Cameron Vanderscoff, and Sarah Rabkin

The Empty Year: An Oral History of the Pandemic(s) of 2020 at UC Santa Cruz
Edited by Cameron Vanderscoff and Irene Reti
[note: The Empty Year is also available in hardback from through their bookstore.]

The UCSC Arboretum: A Grand Experiment

The Early History of UCSC's Farm and Garden Project

UC Santa Cruz in the Mid-1970s: A Time of Transition, Volume I
An Oral History with John Marcum, Sigfried Puknat, Robert Adams, John Ellis, and Paul Niebanck

UC Santa Cruz in the Mid-1970s: A Time of Transition, Volume II
An Oral History with Professor George Von der Muhll

UCSC Student Interviews
Student Interviews, 1967 and 1969

Student Interviews Fifty Years Later: 2017

UCSC Women's Center
Crossing Borders: The UCSC Women's Center, 1985-2005