Donna Haraway

1556Edges and Ecotones: The Worlds of Donna Haraway at UCSC

For the complete text of Edges and Ecotones: The Worlds of Donna Haraway at UCSC, as well as the audio version of the oral history in MP3 format. (Escholarship). Note: Due to editing by the narrator and the Project, there may be minor differences between the audio recording and the transcript. Please quote from the transcript as the record and not the audio. Audio will be found under "Supporting Material."

2007, 106 pp.

Donna Haraway came to UC Santa Cruz in 1980 as a professor in the History of Consciousness Program (Histcon), one of the first interdisciplinary graduate programs in the United States. Her position in feminist theory within Histcon's graduate program was probably the first one of its kind in the country. While Haraway's philosophy and theories infuse this narrative, the focus and scope of this oral history is her life at UC Santa Cruz. Haraway's interest in aurality and in the interview format has inspired us to provide the recordings of her interview(s) MP3 format on the Library's website, in addition to this transcript. While Haraway lightly edited the manuscript in places, for the most part the transcript can be used as a finding aid to the oral interview.