Transcript Availability

Transcripts of the Project's interviews are organized and edited for continuity; the publications include an interview history, table of contents, photograph of the narrator and other illustrations. The manuscripts are available in Special Collections at McHenry Library, UC Santa Cruz. Many of the volumes are also available in the circulating collection of the library and can be checked out through interlibrary loan services if you are not in the Santa Cruz area. Most of our volumes are also available in full text (pdf format) through our website.

Selected oral histories are also available as audio recordings accessed through the University of California's escholarship platform.  Due to editing by the narrator and/or the Project, there may be differences between the transcript and the audio recording.

No part of any manuscript may be quoted for publication without the written permission of the Head of Special Collections and Archives, UCSC Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Other functions of the Project are to help acquire published and unpublished source materials for the Santa Cruz County Collection; to assist both researchers and students working on local history topics; to give instruction in oral history methodology; and generally to help in developing and augmenting local history sources.

Copyright Restrictions

All uses of these manuscripts are covered by copyright agreement between the narrators and the Regents of the University of California. All the literary rights in these manuscripts, including the right to publish, are reserved to the University of California, Santa Cruz. Under “fair use” standards, excerpts of up to six hundred words (per interview) may be quoted without the Regional Oral History Office’s permission as long as the materials are properly cited. A sample citation would read: “Excerpted from Rebecca Thistlethwaite: TLC Ranch and the Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association, a transcribed interview conducted by Sarah Rabkin and included in Cultivating a Movement: An Oral History Series on Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture, published by the University of California, Santa Cruz Library’s Regional Oral History Project, 2010:”

Quotations of more than six hundred words require the written permission of the Head of Special Collections and Archives and a proper citation and may also require a fee. Under certain circumstances, not-for-profit users may be granted a waiver of the fee. Please contact Director, Irene Reti with copyright questions at