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Hihn Younger Family Trees

Users of this Website will encounter names of members of the Hihn and Younger families. These charts will facilitate their identification and show their relationship to parents, children, grand-children, and great-grand-children.

Three brothers of the Hühn family from Holzminden, Germany, came to Santa Cruz: Frederick Augustus (for the Gold Rush in 1849), and twin-brothers Friedrich Hugo Hermann and Friedrich Emil Ludewig (in the 50s).

Frederick Augustus changed the spelling of his surname from Hühn to Hihn on June 6, 1850, when he declared to a Sacramento district court that he intended to become a citizen of the United States. Friedrich Emil also adopted that spelling, but Hugo retained the original German (he was the only brother to return to Europe for the remainder of his life).

The Hihn and Younger families were associated from early days in Santa Cruz County. F. A. Hihn deeded property to Coleman Younger as early as December 4, 1858. Coleman's son, Charles B. Younger Sr., represented F. A. Hihn in legal matters, as did C. B. Younger Jr., and Donald Younger.

The two families were related by the marriage of Agnes Hihn and Charles B. Younger Jr.

We are indebted to Donald C. McKenzie (a descendant) for his effort in compiling the data, producing these charts, and for sharing the results.

Due to display limitations of this Website, the charts only extend to the fourth generation. Queries about the data, corrections, or additions are welcome. Please contact the Archive coordinator, Stanley D. Stevens.