Santa Cruz History Interviews


Barati, George
George Barati, A Life in Music

Benedetto, Ciel
Ciel Benedetto: A History of the Santa Cruz Women's Health Center, 1985-2000

Bergazzi, Michael
Michael Bergazzi: Santa Cruz Lumbering

Blaisdell, Frank
Frank Blaisdell: Santa Cruz in the Early 1900s

Boekenoogen, Roy
Roy Boekenoogen: A Tour Through the House of Roy Bookenoogen

Cardiff, George H.
George H. Cardiff: Santa Cruz and the Cowell Ranch, 1890-1964

Castro, Martina
Martina Castro: The Martina Castro Lodge Family

Coonerty, Neal
Neal Coonerty & Bookshop Santa Cruz: An Oral History of Forty-Six Years of Independent Bookselling

Daly, John C.
John C. Daly: A Life of Public Service in Changing Santa Cruz, 1953-2013

Dong, John
John Dong: The Cowell Ranch Cookhouse

Farr, Sam
Congressmember Sam Farr: Five Decades of Public Service

Haifley, Dan
Ocean Odysseys: Jack O'Neill, Dan Haifley, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Johnston, Paul D.
Paul D. Johnston: Aptos and the Mid-County Santa Cruz Area From the 1890s through World War II

Kretschmer, Ernest T.
Ernest T. Kretschmer: Reflections on Santa Cruz Musical Life, Volumes I and II

Loma Prieta Earthquake
The Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17, 1989: A UCSC Student Oral History Documentary Project

Mello, Henry J.
Henry J. Mello: A Life in California Politics

O'Neill, Jack
Ocean Odysseys: Jack O'Neill, Dan Haifley, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Palmer, Darrow
Mr. and Mrs. Darrow Palmer on Frederick A. Hihn and Santa Cruz in the Early 1900s

Rommel, Howell
Howell Rommel: The 1955 Santa Cruz Flood

Rountree, Edward T.
Edward T. Rountree: A Commentary on South Pacific Coast

Stagnaro, Malio
Malio Stagnaro: The Santa Cruz Genovese

Stoodley, Albretto
Albretto Stoodley: The Loma Prieta Lumber Company and Santa Cruz in the Early Twentieth Century

Thaler, Shmuel
Framing the Moment: An Oral History with Santa Cruz Photojournalist Shmuel Thaler

Wagner, Fred
Fred Wagner: Blacksmithing and Life In The Santa Cruz Area, 1890-1930

Wolff, Adalbert
Adalbert Wolff: The Cowell Ranch, 1915

Wyckoff, Hubert
Hubert Wyckoff: The Memoirs of Hubert C. Wyckoff Jr., (Volume I) and Attorney and Labor Arbitrator (Volume II)