Quotation/Use Policy

553Blue Moon Organics on the EcoFarm Tour. Photo by Sarah Rabkin.

All uses of these manuscripts are covered by copyright agreement between the interviewees and the Regents of the University of California. Under “fair use” standards, excerpts of up to six hundred words (per interview) may be quoted without the Regional Oral History Project’s permission as long as the materials are properly cited. A sample citation would read: “Excerpted from Rebecca Thistlethwaite: TLC Ranch and the Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association, a transcribed interview conducted by Sarah Rabkin and included in Cultivating a Movement: An Oral History Series on Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture, published by the University of California, Santa Cruz Library’s Regional Oral History Project, 2010: http://library.ucsc.edu/reg-hist/cultiv/home).”


Quotations of more than six hundred words require the written permission of the Head of Special Collections and Archives and a proper citation and may also require a fee. Under certain circumstances, not-for-profit users may be granted a waiver of the fee.

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