List of Abbreviations--Cultivating a Movement

550Goat Cheese, Harley Farms Goat Dairy. Photo by Sarah Rabkin
ALBA—Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association
AMS—Agricultural Marketing Service
ARS—Agricultural Research Service
ATTRA—Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
BASIC—Biological Agricultural Systems in Cotton
BDFA—Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association
BIFS—Biologically Integrated Farming Systems Program
BIOS— Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems
Bt— Bacillus thuringiensis
CAFF—Community Alliance with Family Farmers
CAFOS—concentrated animal feeding operations
CAN—California Action Network
CAN—Community Agroecology Network
CASFS—The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
CCC—Civilian Conservation Corps
CCC—California Conservation Corps
CCOF—California Certified Organic Farmers
CDFA—California Department of Food and Agriculture
CETA—Comprehensive Employment and Training Act
CETRUD—Centre for Environmental Technology and Rural Development (Uganda)
COFA—California Organic Food Act (1990)
COFAB—California Organic Food Advisory Board
COPAC—California Organic Products Advisory Committee
CSA—community supported agriculture
CSGN—California School Garden Network
CSUMB—California State University, Monterey Bay
CUESA—Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture
EBT—Electronic Benefits Transfer
Eco-Farm or EcoFarm—Ecological Farming Conference
E. coli—Escherichia coli
EFA—Ecological Farming Association
EPA—Environmental Protection Agency
ENVS—Environmental Studies Department (formerly Environmental Studies Board)
ESLP—Education for Sustainable Living Project
FDA—United States Food and Drug Administration
FOE—Friends of the Earth
GEO—Genetically Engineered Organism
GMO—Genetically Modified Organism
HGP—Homeless Garden Project
IFOAM—International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
INFRA—Independent Natural Foods Retailers Association
INTECOL—International Congress of Ecology
IPM—integrated pest management
JTPA—Job Training Partnership Act
LAFCO—Local Agency Formation Commission
LASERS program—Language Acquisition and Science Education for Rural Schools
LBAM—Light Brown Apple Moth
LGMA—Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement
LISA—USDA’s Low Input Sustainable Agriculture program
MBCFM—Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Markets
Medfly— Mediterranean fruit fly
MPC—Monterey Peninsula College
NGO—Non-Governmental Organizations
NOFA—Northeast Organic Farming Association
NOP—National Organic Program
NOSB—National Organic Standards Board
NRCS—Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRDC—Natural Resources Defense Council
NSF—National Science Foundation
OCIA—Organic Crop Improvement Association
OFAN—Organic Farmers Action Network
OFPANA—Organic Food Production Association of North America
OFRF—Organic Farming Research Foundation
OST— Open Space Technology
OTA—Organic Trade Association
OTS—Organization for Tropical Studies
PASA—Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
PCO—Pennsylvania Certified Organic
PEPA—Programa Educativo para Pequeños Agricultores (Small Farmer Program that is part of ALBA)
PICA—Program in Community and Agroecology
POST—Peninsula Open Space Trust
PMA—Produce Marketing Association
RAFT—Renewing America’s Food Traditions
RCD— Resource Conservation District
RDC—Rural Development Center
SARE—Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
SAREP—Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program at the University of California
SCCFM—Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Markets
SCOAR—Scientific Congress on Organic Agricultural Research
SOAS—Student Organic Awareness Survey
SOCLA—Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology (Sociedad Científica LatinoAmericana de Agroecología)
SOS—Students for Organic Solutions
TPL—Trust for Public Land
UC—University of California
UCCE—University of California Cooperative Extension
UCOP—University of California, Office of the President
UCSC—University of California, Santa Cruz
UC Davis or UCD—University of California, Davis
UFW—United Farm Workers union
UNEX—University of California Extension
UNFI—United Natural Foods, Inc.
USA—United Services Agency
USFT—United Students for Fair Trade
US AID—United States Agency for International Development
USDA—United States Department of Agriculture
VV—Veritable Vegetable
WACO—Western Association of Certification Organizations
WFA—Wild Farm Alliance
WIC—Women, Infant and Children Nutrition program
WOFE—Women’s Organic Flower Enterprise
WTO—World Trade Organization
WWOOF—World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
YoCal—Organic food marketing cooperative, Davis, California