Virtual Reality Event in the Digital Scholarship Commons

Matt Cook
March 14, 4-6pm

"Depth-of-Field: Translating the Benefits of Virtual Reality from the Laboratory to the (Higher-Ed) Classroom" with Matt Cook

Please join us for this event in the David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons (ground floor) from 4–6pm in McHenry Library.

Increasingly accessible Virtual Reality technologies allow course content to be presented in context, at human scale, and responsive to the wide range of body-centered interactions. These representational characteristics, which define our engagement with real-world objects and environments, have been shown in the literature to improve performance on activities that overlap significantly with target learning outcomes across multiple disciplines. Yet, relatively few curricular interventions have made full use of VR (or have published on the results of such integrations). This talk will use case studies and associated implementation strategies to explore and narrow this gap in the research literature, thereby empowering participants to begin thinking about their own VR-based course integrations.

This event is co-sponsored by UCSC University Library, The Humanities Institute of UC Santa Cruz (THI), and The Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL).