The New Dryad is Here!

Deposit Your Research Data

Dryad is an open-source, research data curation and publication platform. UC Santa Cruz is a proud partner of Dryad and offers Dryad as a free service for all UC Santa Cruz researchers to publish and archive their data.

Datasets published in Dryad receive a citation and can be versioned at any time. Dryad is integrated with hundreds of journals and is an easy way to both publish data and comply with funder and publisher mandates.

Check out published datasets or submit yours at:


Making Data Publishing as Easy as Possible:

  • In addition to supporting datasets as part of a journal submission, Dryad now also supports datasets being submitted independently
  • Data can be uploaded from cloud storage or lab servers 
  • Datasets can be as large as 300GB
  • Datasets can easily be updated or versioned at any time in our process
  • Standardized data usage and citation statistics are updated and displayed for each published dataset 
  • Data can be submitted and downloaded through our new REST APIs


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