Starting July 25: Multi-factor Authentication required for VPN

Cisco Anyconnect VPN Logo

A note for UCSC students, staff and faculty using the campus VPN to access library licensed databases, journals, books and other resources

From Campus ITS:

Beginning Saturday July 25th, at 10 am, signing into Campus VPN will work differently.

You will be prompted to enter your password as usual but will also be required to enter a passcode or keyword tied to the Campus Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution. This is the same method for logging into UCPath, MyUCSC, Canvas, and CruzPay.
Please review the quick start guide to learn what to enter into the MFA field. Valid options include push (recommended), SMS, phone, or passcode. 

VPN Multifactor Authentication screenshot


If you have questions about MFA, please contact the ITS Support Center