Koret Undergraduate Research Slam!

Koret Scholars Undergraduate Research Slam
June 7, 1:30-4:30 in McHenry Library

The Koret Scholars Undergraduate Research Slam celebrates the accomplishments of this year's Koret fellows. The program provides funding and workshops for undergrads with unique research projects and their faculty or graduate student mentors. This year marks an exciting partnership between the University Library and the Koret Program: Three of the sixty-five fellows are also Digital Scholarship Fellows with the Digital Scholarship Commons. These three fellows will be presenting their research and creative projects as digital exhibits. 


Presentations include:

  • Read Between the Lines - DSC Fellow Project
  • Queering Female Pachuquismo - DSC Fellow Project
  • Turtleback Tombs, Paper Cranes, Memorials and Eisa: Modern Contextualization of Death in Okinawa - DSC Fellow Project
  • The Aesthetic Power of Magnification
  • Education and Identity in Mandate Palestine
  • Differences of Seasonal Growth Rate Between High-Latitude Coraline Algae
  • Angular Power Spectrum of Galactic Pulsar Wind Nebulae
  • Politics of Alternative Living Solutions
  • The Influence of Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosol Geoengineering on Earth’s Net Shortwave Radiation - Works part time, University Library Digital Initiatives Department 

And More!

For more details and the schedule, view the event on our library calendar.