Do more with UC Library Search! Melvyl retiring July 27th

UC Library Search

UC Library Search will replace Melvyl on July 27, 2021.  Additionally, all of the sources currently available in UCSC’s Library Search will also be available from this one tool.


What is UC Library Search? What does it do?

We believe UC Library Search will vastly improve the research experiences of faculty, students, and other members of campus. This tool will enable searching of the UCSC local and UC-wide collections as one, while preserving the benefits and features of the local system, such as access to Course Reserves. Search results will benefit from inclusion of the combined UC campus collections, including items found in separate databases like HathiTrust. Most importantly, as discovery of materials improves, borrowing across campuses will become easier with a simplified interlibrary loan user interface.


Why is Melvyl retiring?

Behind the scenes, Melvyl relied on a complex patchwork system that connected multiple catalogs and databases in order to coordinate interlibrary loan and full-text access. As several of these systems approached the end of their life spans, the UC Libraries recognized the technical unsustainability and inherent risks associated with keeping the Melvyl system.


Celebrating Melvyl!

Melvyl debuted in 1981, revolutionizing the UC Library system by enabling researchers to find books at other UC campuses through computer terminals on their own campuses. Over the years, Melvyl has undergone various iterations. The most recent of these was upgrading to a discovery layer. 

As the sun sets on Melvyl, we celebrate the 40 years of innovative thinking and dedicated work that went into this vital tool. We also enthusiastically welcome UC Library Search, which will move us forward on this constantly evolving front and continue the UC Libraries tradition of working cooperatively and collaboratively.