CZU Lightning Complex Fire Resources


Though the main UC Santa Cruz campus has been evacuated, the library's online resources and services remain available.  We want to express our deep appreciation to Cal Fire and the myriad of agencies working to fight the fire and keep the campus safe. 

Here are just a few resources library staff are watching to keep ourselves informed about the status of the fire and the campus, evacuations, and air quality.  We hope you'll find them useful:


CZU Lightning Complex Updates and news:

UC Santa Cruz Fire Updates

Cal Fire San Mateo / Santa Cruz Twitter feed

Cal Fire's CZU Lightning Complex Update Page

Santa Cruz County Twitter feed


CZU Lightning Complex Maps:

Air Now Fire and Smoke Map

CZU Lightning Complex Evacuation Map

Interactive Map from CalTopo


SCU Lightning Complex Updates:

Cal Fire's SCU Lighting Complex Update Page

SCU Lightning Complex Evacuation Viewer

(The SCU Fire is located in Santa Clara and Alameda counties)