Cell Press Journals and The Lancet Journals Added to Open Access Publishing Support for UCSC Authors

Lancet and Cell journal covers

Starting September 1, 2022, UCSC corresponding authors can publish articles in Elsevier journals in the Cell Press and The Lancet portfolios whether or not they have research funds. The way this works is that first a 10% discount is applied to the open access fee (also known as the article processing charge (APC) ). Second, UCSC University Library will automatically pay the first $1,000 of the APC. Finally, as with the other Elsevier journals, there are two options for covering the remainder, depending on whether an author has research funds: 

  • If you need full support for the cost, the Library will cover the remainder of the open access fee, too. We welcome and expect authors without funds to use this full coverage option.
  • For authors who have research funds to contribute, we ask that you share the cost by paying the remainder of the APC so that the Library can continue subsidizing more open access articles in the future. If your funds are already earmarked for something else, the Library will still provide full support. 

For more details about this agreement, please see our Elsevier FAQ

These added journals are among many journals and publishers included in our open access support, which involves agreements like this one with Elsevier and discounts with publishers. 

Please email research@library.ucsc.edu with questions.