John Dong (1909-2007)


113John Dong

John Dong: The Cowell Ranch Cookhouse

For the complete text [PDF] of The Cowell Ranch Cookhouse (E-Scholarship) Includes complete audio (streaming or download) for the oral history. Note: Due to editing by the narrator and the Project, there may be minor differences between the audio recording and the transcript. Please quote from the transcript as the record and not the audio. Audio will be found under "Supporting Material."

1967, xii, 38 pp., 2 illus.

Photo: John Dong with grandson and George Cardiff, Pointing to the old stove in the Chancellor's office in the Cookhouse, February 14, 1965.

Dong was the last of the Chinese cooks at the Cowell ranch cookhouse. He discussed the daily schedule of the ranch cook, the way he got his supplies, and the foods he most commonly prepared. He also explained the floor plan and the equipment of the old cookhouse.