University Library Newsletter Issue 16 Winter 2012


From the University Librarian

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving just behind us, I am prompted as always to reflect on the many reasons we in the UCSC Library have to be grateful.  Foremost among these is the enthusiastic and generous support we continue to receive from our friends and donors. Thanks to you, we have continued to add depth to our collections in support of graduate education and faculty research, and we have met our undergraduate students’ high expectations for access to computers and the latest technology in our library buildings. Our successes have come as a result of the financial support you have provided, and we are deeply appreciative.

Looking to the new year- can 2013 really be only a few weeks away?!- the UCSC Library is poised to make progress on a number of exciting initiatives. Earlier this fall we launched a project to transform our lower-division undergraduate instruction program that teaches library skills and information literacy from a staff-intensive undertaking to a more sustainable online model. We have experimented with 10 classes this fall, and by next fall we expect to move the entire program online. 

You may have read articles or blog posts recently about the “era of big data.” Libraries definitely have a role to play in providing support to faculty and students who generate and use data in their research, and this is the case for us at UCSC. We recently sent a group of librarians to a workshop hosted by the California Digital Library to learn more about how we can help faculty with data management planning, storage, and access, and, over the next few months, we will be working on our own plan to make services available to the UCSC community.

Thank you again for your continuing support!  Happy holidays and best wishes for 2013!


Ginny Steel
University Librarian

Passion. Promise. Philanthropy.

Welcome to P3, UC Santa Cruz's new report on philanthropy!

P3 presents people, places, and programs that are the pillars of quality at UC Santa Cruz. It also showcases the passion, promise, and philanthropy that make UC Santa Cruz great.

P3 is our way of celebrating the impact private support is having on our campus. Private support enabled the expansion and modernization of McHenry Library, and it has begun the process of renewing the Science & Engineering Library. Your gifts underpin student and faculty work in all disciplines all across campus and beyond.

Your gifts move programs from good to excellent. They open the world of possibility.

P3 is UCSC's small way of saying thank you for ALL the campus programs you support!


Welcome Ethan and Marcia


1329Ethan Henderson

We are happy to welcome Ethan Henderson to the UCSC Library as Senior Director of Library Development. Ethan comes to Santa Cruz from Kenyon College, where he was Special Collections Librarian and Archivist. Prior to his time at Kenyon he was Director of Special Collections and University Archives at Pepperdine University. Ethan has held development/finance positions at the University of Missouri, Columbia University, the Berkshire Choral Festival and a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Ethan received his M.S. in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Illinois and a B.M. from St. Olaf College. He sits on a variety of library boards and committees and is very excited about the many possibilities at UCSC. "What attracted me to the UCSC libraries are the first-rate collections, the vision of University Librarian Ginny Steel, and the unparalleled beauty of the physical locations. I look forward to meeting our donors and supporters and working with them to continue the excellence for which the UCSC Library has grown to be known."

His wife, Gretchen, is a writer and Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at MIT and a metaLAB Fellow at Harvard. Gretchen, and their dog Sierra, will join Ethan in Santa Cruz in June 2013.


1330Marcia Barrett

Please welcome Marcia Barrett, Head of Technical Services.  Marcia comes to UCSC from the University of Alabama where she worked most recently as cataloger for special collections. Previous experience includes project management, collection management, and cataloging the “odd stuff” serials, government documents, and nonbook materials. She has been actively involved with national professional organizations including Online Audiovisual Catalogers and the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section as well as the Women & Gender Studies Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries.

As the new head of technical services, she considers herself fortunate to be working with a highly efficient and innovative department. She looks forward to working collaboratively with other departments and contributing to the UC system initiative, Next-Generation Technical Services.

Did you know?

Gifts fund 10% of the University Library's acquisitions. Support the University Library today.1340Studying at McHenry library


Dead Central @ McHenry Library   "A Box of Rain"


1342Box of Rain Poster

The inaugural exhibition in the Brittingham Family Foundation's Dead Central is called "A Box of Rain: Archiving the Grateful Dead Phenomenon." Curated by Grateful Dead Archivist Nicholas Meriwether, the exhibit features 316 artifacts that tell the stories of the band, its fans, and their Archive at UCSC. The ways that those stories are intertwined and inform each other makes the exhibit come alive, and several thousand visitors have traveled to Santa Cruz since it opened this summer to spend time poring over the pictures, posters, ephemera and artifacts that document this fascinating, protean subcultural phenomenon.

This exhibit of treasures from the Grateful Dead Archive can be viewed during McHenry Library's open hours.



Special Collections, McHenry Library   "Christine's Basket"

1338Christine's Basket exhibit caseAfter 35 years of unparalleled service to the UCSC Library, Christine Bunting retired in November. For a quarter of a century, Christine developed one of the finest visual resource collections in the UC system and earned national acclaim for her accomplishments as our Art Librarian. She went on to serve for almost a decade as Head of Special Collections and Archives where she spearheaded a major organization and cataloging program to make these collections more accessible to UCSC students and faculty as well as to the broader international community. Our holdings in Special Collections increased significantly, particularly in the areas of photography, fine printing and book arts.

As a tribute to Christine, the Special Collections staff, along with colleagues from the former Visual Resources Department, worked together to create an exhibit that highlights some of Christine’s major contributions to the library.

The four cases outside the reading room address visual resources, regional history and campus photography as well as conservation and preservation of our most vulnerable materials.

Inside the reading room, four cases highlight rare books and fine printing, artistic photography and cataloging challenges. Four further cases showcase treasures from the archives including Norman O. Brown, Robert Heinlein, Helen Hyde and the Grateful Dead.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy browsing through some of the fruits of her labor! The exhibit runs through March 8, 2013 and can be viewed during Special Collections' open hours.



Editor: Lettie Bennett
Contributors: Ginny Steel, Beth Remak-Honnef, Nick Meriwether
Production: Linda Hunt, Kirsten Cattell, Deborah Murphy
Copyediting and proofreading: Ethan Henderson and Mark Engel
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Studying at McHenry library: Phil Carter
"A Box of Rain,"by David Singer. (c) David Singer and the Grateful Dead Archive. Used with permission.
Christine’s Basket: Ethan Henderson