William G. Mackenzie and Hubert and Florence Wyckoff Migrant Agricultural History Archive Endowment

Established by the William G. Mackenzie Memorial, the Wyckoff Family Funds, and the M.A.I.A. Foundation, 1997

The purpose of this endowment is to provide materials for scholarly research, information dissemination, and public interest purposes on migrant agricultural history. There is a particular emphasis on the Monterey Bay and Central Coast region and on other intensive agricultural areas in California, but the archive also recognizes that the migrant agricultural history experience is national and trans-national in nature.

The archive includes a growing collection of the personal papers of activists in and engaged with the migrant community. Special contributors to and honorees of this endowment include the late William G. Mackenzie, noted local philanthropist and tireless advocate for migrant education, and Hubert and Florence Wyckoff. The late Hubert Wyckoff was a lawyer and labor arbitrator.

William Mackenzie and Hubert Wyckoff started the M.A.I.A. Foundation, which has supported the local migrant community in a variety of important endeavors. Florence Wyckoff, daughter of UC Berkeley classics professor Leon J. Richardson, was born in 1905, earned a B.A. from Berkeley in Arts (Sculpture) in 1926, and served on such groups as the Governor's Advisory Committee on Children and Youth and the State Board of Public Health.

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