The Tim McClanahan Endowment for Ecology and Society

The Tim McClanahan Endowment for Ecology and Society
Established by Marilyn Bray, in honor of her son’s UCSC education and his professional accomplishments at the Wildlife Conservation Society, where he has, for the past 20 years worked on ecology, fisheries, climate change, social-ecological systems, and management of coral reefs. He also engages in interdisciplinary research with a view to solving broader conservation and science issues.

The Tim McClanahan Endowment for Ecology and Society shall provide enriched support for library collection in areas that focus on the intersection between ecology and society. Endowment income is to be used to acquire library materials in all formats that cover topics relating to the ecological, political, and social foundations for sustainable use of ecological systems. Specifically, materials pertaining to:
The management, stewardship and sustainable use of ecological systems, resources, and biological diversity at all levels. The role natural systems play in social and political systems and conversely the effects of social, economic and political institutions on ecological systems an services, and the means by which we can develop and sustain desired ecological, social and political states.