Sarah Mercer French Literature Endowment

Established by Carole L. Mercer in 2000

This endowment was established by Carole Mercer in loving memory of her daughter, Merrill College student Sarah Ann Mercer. Sarah Mercer's life was tragically cut short in a jogging accident in 1997. Sarah was a young woman of exceptional vitality, curiosity, and spirit, and she made a strong impact on the UCSC students and teachers who were fortunate enough to know her. Sarah loved libraries, reading, and books. A new public library building in Sarah's hometown of Eagle Point, Oregon has been named in Sarah's honor.

Sarah was a promising literature student, with a special interest in French literature and culture. Thus the Sarah Mercer Endowment was designated to provide expanded and enriched support for the library's French literature collection, with an initial emphasis on books in English about French literature. As the needs of the French literature collection are fulfilled, endowment income may be used more broadly to enrich the general literature and humanities collections in keeping with Sarah's interests. Each item acquired with endowment income will be marked with a special commemorative book-plate bearing Sarah's name.

Sarah Mercer Bookplate