Rolf Augustine Cataloging Fund

Established by Rolf Augustine and his friends, 1996

The Rolf S. Augustine Fund for Original Cataloging was established in honor of the contributions of Original Cataloger Rolf Augustine, whose work has been instrumental in providing generations of faculty and students with accurate and effective bibliographic access to UCSC library collections.

Rolf is among a group of pioneering librarians who helped establish the UCSC library and shaped its direction during the critical early years. The purpose of the fund is to provide enriched support for library cataloging operations as they continue to evolve in the online environment. Income is used to support collections in librarianship, traditional and electronic cataloging tools, and other cataloging-related expenses.

Rolf St. Clair Augustine was born in 1937 in Berkeley, California, the son of Waldemar Rolf and Marguerite St. Clair Augustine. He received his B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1960, and a Masters in Library Science from the University of Southern California in 1962. He has been a cataloger at the UCSC Library since 1965.