Marion E. Taylor Music Fund

Established by Marion E. Taylor, her family, and friends, 1996

Marion Taylor was a UCSC librarian from 1969-1993 and served the library, campus, and system in multiple and increasingly responsible professional capacities. Marion served the library as Head of Collection Planning, Collection Development Officer, and bibliographer for history, politics, economics, and music.

Because of the breadth of her scholarly interests, her appreciation for both manuscript materials and the newest electronic information sources, and her fair-minded concern for all members of the UCSC community, Marion oversaw the creation of an outstanding library collection that successfully balances the competing needs of mature scholars and fresh undergraduates, of scientists, social scientists, humanists, and artists. A special contribution of Marion's—one reflecting not only administrative expertise but a scholar's love of the material—was her careful building of the UCSC music collection during its early formative years.

A host of faculty members have depended on her for guidance through the complex literatures of history, politics, economics, area studies, and, of course, music. Her influence on the research habits of the founding generation of UCSC scholars has been enormous. Marion was also elected President of the Librarians Association of the University of California, a signal responsibility and honor.

The Taylor Music Fund supports all aspects of the UCSC library music collection, including books, scores, compact disks, and other audio and video recordings.