David Kirk Video Endowment

Established by David Kirk

The subject endowment was established by retired UCSC library staff member David Kirk, who was responsible for founding and developing the campus’s distinguished film and video collection. Under Kirk’s leadership, the collection grew to well over 10,000 videos, laser-discs and CDs and is among the most comprehensive and accessible collections of its kind within the UC system.

The Kirk Video Endowment provides enriched support for UCSC library materials, including new versions of this format as they evolve in the future and become universally standardized and economically viable for use in an academic environment. Endowment income is used to expand the UCSC library video collection and, in support of the academic program, acquire independent, classic, and feature films, documentary, educational and other non-commercial videos, art videos, and the work of independent video producers and collectives.

The David Kirk Media Center is located on the ground level of McHenry Library.