Castle Humanities Fund

Established by Frank and Jayne Castle Krentz, 1996

This library subject endowment was established through the generosity of UCSC alumna Jayne Ann Castle Krentz, librarian, best-selling romance novelist and cultural critic of the genre, and a consistent supporter of the UCSC Library.

Jayne Castle Krentz graduated from Stevenson College with a B.A. in history in 1970. She has published over 50 novels and believes that the role of popular fiction in our lives and culture has been vastly misunderstood and underrated. Jayne has been a visiting lecturer at UCSC's Center for Cultural Studies; her scholarly monograph, Dangerous Men & Adventurous Women, is a substantial contribution to research on the appeal of the romance.

The Castle Humanities Fund provides unrestricted support for UCSC library collections in the humanities, providing them with depth, character, and distinction.