Anne Neufeld Levin Holocaust Studies Collection Endowment

Established by Anne Neufeld Levin, 1997

This endowment was established by UCSC benefactor Anne Neufeld Levin, donor of the Neufeld Family Archive in library Special Collections and the Neufeld Levin Endowed Chair in Holocaust Studies. The establishment of the Endowed Chair recognizes the enduring campus interest in Holocaust Studies and ensures its continuing vitality and expansion, by enriching it with visiting scholars, special lectures, and other scholarly resources.

The library subject endowment is established to complement the Endowed Chair by providing enhanced support for UCSC library collections in Holocaust Studies, including the historical context of the Holocaust, its continuing implications for contemporary human rights, the rise of right-wing extremism and its relationship to nationalism, and racism and xenophobia throughout the world.

Anne Frederika Neufeld Levin emigrated to the United States from Vienna, Austria in March 1939. She spent her childhood in Detroit, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, receiving a B.S. in Education in 1957. She married Paul D. Levin, an orthopedic surgeon, in June 1958. Her career in educational radio and television concluded when the Levins moved to Japan and then Ann Arbor.

The Levins moved to Santa Cruz in 1964 with their four children, knowing that the newly opened UC campus would make this beautiful community ideal for raising a family. Anne Neufeld Levin has been an admired leader in numerous community organizations and philanthropies and, among other honors, is past president of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation.