Study Room Policies


The University Library has 28 group study rooms: 20 are in McHenry Library and eight are in the Science & Engineering Library. There are 19 audio and video rooms in the Media Center of McHenry Library. These are for group use of music and video collections and not for general group study.
We want you to use these and we want to make it as easy for you as possible. But like any scarce resource, sometimes demand will exceed supply. Therefore we need to set a few policies so everyone knows what to expect.

These rooms are intended as a place for UCSC students to work and study together. They are not intended for individual study. Neither are they intended as meeting rooms for the business of the University or as general assignment classrooms.

These rooms are a shared resource and access is informed by UCSC Principles of Community:

Please be decent to one another and share these rooms in a spirit of cooperation. If a problem arises, do your best to work it out. If you cannot come to an agreement, we are here to help. Contact library staff at the Service Desk if you need assistance.

Rooms may be reserved at

For the purpose of making and keeping a reservation, a group is defined as at least two eligible persons (UCSC student, faculty, staff). Rooms 0333 (Keyboard Practice Room) and 0337 (Adaptive Technology Room) are exceptions to this policy; they may be reserved by a single user. A student who requires the use of the keyboard or the Adaptive Technology station will take priority over a student who does not require the use of the specialized equipment in those rooms.

A person must have a email address to make a reservation.

Rooms may be reserved for up to four hours at a time.

All persons are limited to a maximum of four hours per day of reservation time across all rooms. This time may be split.

Rooms may be reserved up to one week in advance.

There is a 15 minute grace period for reservations. If the room is not being used by an eligible group (at least two people) at the end of the grace period, the entire reservation is forfeit. If you have forfeited your reservation but still have need of a group study room, please find an alternate location.

Back-to-back reservations are not permitted but groups may stay beyond their reserved time if there is no subsequent reservation and there is no other group waiting for a room to open.

Food and drink may be consumed in accordance with the library’s policy. Please clean up after yourselves and leave the room ready for the next group. Some cleaning supplies are available in the corridors outside these rooms.

Each room has a whiteboard or chalkboard. Please use only appropriate markers and erasers. If there are no dry erase markers in the room, please visit the Service Desk at S&E library or the vending machine at McHenry Library.

Some rooms in McHenry Library have large monitors for sharing data. If you are having difficulty using the technology, please contact the IT Help Desk on the main floor of McHenry Library (459-2486).
The Media Center rooms are intended to provide space for listening and viewing of music and film related assignments. While you are free to reserve and use these rooms as study spaces, please be aware that if you are not using them for listening/viewing, your reservation may be canceled in order to provide acess to students who need these rooms for their intended purposes.