FAQ for Instructors

1.  Q: What is Reserves?

A: Course Reserves, or Reserves, is a service provided for instructors and students in which a small number of course materials (books, handouts, lecture notes, DVDs, etc.) are made available for a large number of students for a limited loan checkout.
2.  Q: How do I submit a Course Reserves List?

A: Online: You can submit your lists using the online Course Reserves Book List or print and fill out the PDF Course Reserves Book List PDF and submit it to the Circulation/Reserves desk at either the McHenry or Science & Engineering Libraries in person or via InterCampus mail

In person: A printed form can be obtained from the Circulation/Reserves desk at either the McHenry or Science & Engineering Libraries.
3.  Q: What are the Reserves loan periods?

A: The most common loan period is 2 Hours, but Reserves items also check out for 24 Hours or 72 Hours depending on the needs of the instructor/students.

*Some items are on Permanent Reserves and are generally subject to the 2 hour loan period.

**If an item is requested for multiple courses, the shortest loan period will be used, to allow for the most checkouts.
4. Q: What types of items can I place on Reserves for my course?

A: Items commonly placed on Reserves at the Circulation/Reserves desk include textbooks and other monographs, homework/solutions, book chapters, and journal articles. Other items such as videos, DVDs, CDs, are traditionally made available via the Media Center in McHenry Library. To place media material on Reserve, please email mediareserves@ucsc.edu .
5.  Q: Do I need to bring the item(s) to the desk when I submit my course list?

A: If the library owns the item(s) requested for Reserves, we will retrieve it from the stacks for processing. If a particular item is checked out, it will be recalled and processed as soon as possible. If you have personal copies that you would like to be placed on Reserves, we are happy to accept them at the Circulation/Reserves desk at either library.
6.  Q: I submitted my personal item(s) for Reserves? How do I get them back?

A: Unless otherwise specified, all Reserves items (except Permanent Reserves) are removed and sent back to the department at the end of each quarter. **The library is not responsible for damage or loss of personal item(s).**.
7.  Q: I am teaching the same course for consecutive quarters. Do I have to submit a course list for each quarter?

A: Yes. Please send your hold-over request via email to the Reserves Department:

8.  Q: What if the library does not own a book that I am using for my class?

A: The library will look into purchasing required texts, but cannot guarantee their acquisition. If the item is optional for the course, you are welcome to submit personal items to be returned at the end of the quarter.
9.  Q: How long does it take to process my Reserves request?

A: The general turn-around time for processing requests is 3 business days, however, the items are usually processed within 24 hours (except for the first two weeks of the quarter where processing can take up to 1 business week).

10. Q: How many items can I place on Reserves?

A: You may place as many items on Reserves as is required by your course. As a general guideline, we will place up to 5 copies of the same item on Reserves. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis depending on the number of students in a given course (different sessions of the same course are considered). The general guideline is 1 item per 30 students.

11.  Q: How will I know once my Reserves request has been processed?

A: Go to the library webpage library.ucsc.edu > from the SERVICES tab select Course Reserves > Search for Course Reserves by entering your course or instructor information in the search boxes provided.
12.  Q: What information do I give my students to direct them to the materials I have requested for Reserves.

A: Inform your students of the following:

(1)The library (or libraries) at which the items are on Reserves

(2)They will have to provide the call number(s) for the item(s) they need which can be located from the library webpage library.ucsc.edu 

(3)Reserves FAQ for Borrowers.
13. Q: Who do I contact for Reserves information?

A: Anyone at the main desk at either library can answer your general questions.

          McHenry: 831-459-5185 (x95185)   

          S&E:         831-459-5300 (x95300)   

For more in depth inquiries, please call or email the Reserves department.

         McHenry: 831-459-5344 (x95344)      bookreserves(at)ucsc.edu

         S&E:         831-459-5300 (x95300) bookreserves(at)ucsc.edu