McHenry Library:

  • There are two copiers in the 2nd Floor InfoCommons, one copier around the corner from the elevator on both the third and fourth floor.

Science & Engineering Library:

  • Three copiers are located in the back of the Cowell Room lab.



Photocopies cost 15¢ per page when paying with guest account, 8¢ per page when using a Student or Staff account from the UCSC Copier Program. Color copies are 25¢ per page using either account. No coins are accepted.

Getting Change(the copiers are bill only):

  • McHenry Library:
    There is no change machine in the library. The cashier's office in Hahn Student Services can provide change during their business hours.


  • Science & Engineering Library:
    There is a change machine available across McLaughlin Drive in the Communications Building. It accepts $1 and $5 bills, but only gives change back in the form of coins and not currency.


Copier Accounts

There are two Kiosks where patrons can add cash to their accounts. Students can add a cash account in addition to their cashier account, guests can only create cash accounts at this time. 

Copier Account Kiosk Locations:

  • McHenry Library:
    InfoCommons on the second floor
  • Science & Engineering Library:
    In the back of the Cowell Room lab



Copier assistance can be requested from the Library Computing Help Desk, in the Commons area of the 2nd floor at McHenry Library and in the Cowell Room at the S&E Library. Help Desk staff can usually help you with paper jams or with adding toner; however, problems with copy cards are referred to the Campus Copier Program.


Color Copying & Other Services

Color photocopies are available in the library. In McHenry the color copiers are on the third and fourth floor, In S&E Library the color copier is in the back of the Cowell Room. Color copies are 25¢ per page.

For additional public photocopy locations, see the UCSC Copier Program page
For full-service copying and color, go to the Copy Center in Jack Baskin Engineering, room 25.

Double-sided copying (also called duplex) is now available.