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In addition to the boxes of cards, the collection contains two bound scrapbooks and eleven boxes containing other research material.

Nine of the boxes contain miscellaneous resources such as scrapbooks, published and unpublished documents, and manuscripts. For an inventory of the contents of these boxes, see Inventory of Rowland Boxes

Two of the boxes contain a set of 102 documents relating to various California ranchos in the years from 1802 to 1877. The ranchos are Buena Vista in Monterey County; La Brea and Las Animas in Santa Clara County; and Corralitos, San Andrés, Soquel, and Soquel Augmentation in Santa Cruz County.

A database of the rancho documents was created in 2005 by Special Collections volunteer Amy Dunning and edited and indexed in 2012 by Stanley D. Stevens. There are 22 pages of records. To view the entire database, go to: Rancho Documents

The index to the rancho documents is at Index to Rancho Documents