FAQ for Borrowers

1.  Q: What is Reserves?

A: Course Reserves, or Reserves, is a service provided for instructors and students in which a small number of course materials (books, handouts, lecture notes, DVDs, etc.) are made available for a large number of students for a limited loan checkout.
2.  Q: How do I know if an item is on Reserves for my class?

A: Go to the library webpage > from the SERVICES tab select Course Reserves > enter the course or instructor information in the search boxes provided.
3.  Q: Where are the Reserves items?

A: Reserves items are held behind the main circulation desk near the library entrance, and certain audio-visual media items are generally located in the Media Center at the McHenry Library.
4.  Q: How do I check out a Reserves item?

A: You will need to bring the call number(s) and your student ID (or other photo ID).
5.  Q: Where do I return Reserves items?

A: Reserves items must be returned to the library desk from which they were checked out.
6.  Q: How long can I check out Reserves items?

A: The most common loan period for Course Reserves is 2-Hours, but Reserves items also check out for 24-Hours or 72-Hours depending on the instructor's request. Due times are rounded to the nearest hour.
7.  Q: What if I need the item for longer than the loan period?

A: Items can be renewed in person only. As long as no one has booked the item you have checked out, you may extend your checkout by returning it and checking it out again. Reserves items cannot be renewed by phone.
8.  Q: How many Reserves items can I check out at one time?

A: The limit is 5 items per checkout.
9.  Q: Can I take Reserves items out of the library?

A: Yes, however you will need to return them to the library from which they were checked out and before the loan period has expired.

10.  Q: Can I check out Reserves overnight?

A: Overnight checkout generally begins two and one half hours before the library closes and are generally due two hours after the library opens the next day. *Please note that some items are subject an earlier due time depending on previous bookings* **Some items are NOT subject to an overnight checkout.**

Overnight Checkout Schedule for 2-Hour Loan Items:


Hours Open
Overnight checkout
Due Next Day
       Sunday        10am-12am                9:30pm            10am
11.  Q: What if the item I need is checked out?

A: You may request the item(s) to be booked for a later time. Bookings are placed on 15 minute increments (for example 8:00, 8:15, 8:30, and 8:45). You will have 15 minutes to pick up your booked item(s) before it will be cancelled and made available for another patron.
12.  Q: Can I book an item or extend my checkout over the phone?

A: No. All Reserves transactions, including bookings, checkouts, returns, and renewals must be done in person.
13.  Q: How long do I have to return a Reserves item before I get overdue charges?

A: Reserves items are always due on the hour. You are allowed a 15 minute grace period to return the item(s) without accruing overdue charges, but this should not be considered part of the loan period, and is only applied to the first (partial) hour the item is late.
14.  Q: How much are the overdue charges for Reserves items?

A: $5.00 for the first (partial) hour initiated after the 15 minute grace period, and $2.00 for each additional (partial) hour thereafter (accruals occur on the hour) up to a maximum of $75 per item. Items kept over 72 hours past their due date will be automatically billed for replacement.
15.  Q: I received an overdue charge but am positive I returned the item on time?

A: You may appeal the charge by submitting an online Billing Appeal Form.
16.  Q: Do overdue charges affect my library privileges?

A: If the charges exceed $24 (undergraduates), and $49.00 (faculty and staff), OR are 90 days overdue, your library privileges will be suspended.
17.  Q: How do I pay for library charges on my library account?

A: You may pay in person at the Circulation/Reserves desk with a check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, or debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo, OR you may log on to your library account and pay online via eCommerce.

**90 day past due notices are sent at the beginning of the month. You may settle the charges at the library within two weeks (generally by the 15th of the month), afterwards any unsettled library charges are sent to Academic Information Systems (AIS) and must be paid at the Hahn Student Services cashier office or online via your MyUCSC account.