Frontiers Open Access Publishing Agreement: Pilot of Twenty Journals in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sustainability

Open access publishing support for 20 humanities, social science, and sustainability Frontiers journal titles is now available for UCSC authors. The agreement is a pilot that began on August 1, 2023 and goes through July 31, 2024.

The way this open access publishing agreement works is that the full cost of the article processing charge (APC) (i.e., open access fee) is covered by the UC Libraries for the following 20 journals:

  • In humanities and social sciences:
    • Frontiers in Behavioral Economics
    • Frontiers in Communication
    • Frontiers in Digital Humanities
    • Frontiers in Education
    • Frontiers in Environmental Archaeology
    • Frontiers in Environmental Economics
    • European Journal of Cultural Management and Policy
    • Frontiers in Human Dynamics
    • Frontiers in Political Science
    • Frontiers in Sociology


  • In sustainability:
    • Frontiers in Climate
    • Frontiers in Forests and Global Change
    • Frontiers in Ocean Sustainability
    • Frontiers in Sustainability
    • Frontiers in Sustainable Cities
    • Frontiers in Sustainable Energy Policy
    • Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems
    • Frontiers in Sustainable Resource Management
    • Frontiers in Sustainable Tourism
    • Frontiers in Water

To ensure the APC fee is covered, authors need to select UCSC as the payer when they submit their manuscript. As with all of the other UC open access publishing agreements, the corresponding author must have been currently affiliated with UCSC at the time of acceptance for the article (for Frontiers, those dates are between August 1, 2023, and July 31, 2024). More details are available in our Frontiers FAQ.

Frontiers is just one of many publishers with which the UC Libraries have an open access publishing agreement or discount. The full list of agreements that UC has signed outlines the unique payment support terms for each publisher. Note that the terms can vary significantly by publisher, and please do not hesitate to reach out to the University Library ( if you have questions or want to make sure you are clear about any of the publisher agreements before you submit.