Check Your Email: Presidential Open Access Policy Email Notifications Starting Up

Screenshot of UC Publication Management homepage

Starting September 14, 2023, email notifications from the UC Publication Management System are going out to authors who are covered by the UC Presidential Open Access Policy. This is the same system that Senate Faculty have been using since the implementation of the UC Open Access Policies.

In addition to faculty, the UC Publication Management System will now also notify UCSC authors in the following categories: 

  • non-senate researchers, 
  • lecturers, 
  • post-doctoral scholars, 
  • administrative staff, 
  • librarians, and 
  • graduate students.

if they have articles to verify and either upload or share the open access link. 

This system supports authors’ participation in UC Presidential Open Access Policy by making it easier for them to share their scholarly articles open access in eScholarship

When authors get a welcome message from the system, they may go ahead and manage their publications. Following the welcome message, authors will only receive notifications when there is a new publication to manage. 

If you have questions about the UC Publication Management System, UC Open Access Policies, or open access publishing at UCSC, please reach out to the University Library at

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