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Search Tips

To Enlarge or Reduce the size of a Window: locate the Zoom In or Zoom Out feature on your web browser's menu bar.

All Searches: Click the Find icon in the toolbar.

To Search by Keyword:

  1. Enter a keyword or words in the large text field outlined in red.
  2. Click the Perform Find icon in the toolbar. The text of the first record in the “found set” is displayed. The number of found records is shown in the toolbar following the book icon.
  3. To navigate between found records, use the book icon arrows or the sliding bar.

To Search by Box Number & Card Number:

  1. Click on Index to Cards to find the box and card number for the subject of your search.
  2. Enter the box number in the Box # field. Be sure to use a dash between the box prefix and the box number  (e.g. B-2). Box C needs no dash.
  3. Enter the card number in the Card # field. To retrieve a range of card numbers, place three dots (…) between the first and last number (e.g. 966.01…966.29) with no spaces.
  4. Click the Perform Find icon.

To Search by Card Category:

  1. Click on Card Categories for a list of category names.
  2. Enter a category name in the Card Category field.
  3. Click the Perform Find icon.

For More Information: Click on the appropriate link in the list below.

Abbreviations to define abbreviations

Spanish Terms to define Spanish words

Cattle Brand Images to see images

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