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Jeannette & Leon Rowland

This section provides biographies and portraits of Leon Rowland and his wife Jeannette, a bibliography of published works by Leon Rowland and co-authors, and reviews of Rowland's published writings.

Rowland was “motivated by a feeling of responsibility to record history before the event, personage or phenomenon passed from the scene and memory and be forever lost.” 

“It was, I believe, in this same spirit that my father did his research and writing.” (Alan Wheatley Rowland in Santa Cruz, The Early Years.  Dedication. Santa Cruz, California: Paper Vision Press, 1980. p. vii)

In his “Introduction” to the same work, Sandy Lydon, Professor of History Emeritus, Cabrillo College, reported his encounter with the Rowland research files:

“… in the fall of 1979, a pile of musty cardboard boxes at the Special Collections Library at the University of California, Santa Cruz were made available to the public.

Leon Rowland’s wife Jeannette had willed all of Leon’s files and scrapbooks about Santa Cruz to the University Library …”

The source materials and biographies were compiled by Stanley D. Stevens with the editorial assistance of Joan Gilbert Martin. We are indebted to Jean Rowland Jackson for providing details and corrections to the biographical data about her parents.


1178Jeannette Rowland as younger and older woman — Leon Rowland