Sources on the Life of Frederick Bruce Younger


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1906 Jan 29
Source: Santa Cruz Surf 1906-01-29 5:3
Born: YOUNGER — In Berkeley, January 29, 1906 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Younger, Jr., a son.

1906 Feb 23

Source: Santa Cruz Surf 1906 Feb 23 3:3
Bruce Younger, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B. Younger, Jr., died on Wednesday in Berkeley. [d. 1906-02-21]
The interment was in this city, and was at the Catholic cemetery.
[Editor’s Note: calculation is he lived 23 days]

Holy Cross Cemetery (Old Section) Capitola Road Extension, Santa Cruz
[according to Phil Reader, during his tour of the cemetery on June 14, 1997, he indicated that the Holy Cross Cemetery grounds were purchased from F. A. Hihn in 1868, that the grounds were consecrated by the Bishop in 1873.]
Younger Family Plot
[inscriptions in stone:]
Charles B. Younger 1831 - 1907 [Charles Bruce Younger Sr.]
Jeannie W. Younger 1842-1922 [Jeannie Hudson Waddell Younger]

Frederick B. Younger 1906-1906 [Frederick Bruce Younger]
According to the “Indexed Cemetery Records of Santa Cruz County California 1980” Compiled and Published by The Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz County, the following Youngers are supposed to be included there:
Charles B. Younger b. 1831 MO d. 22 Mar 1907 Age 75 [p. 65]
Jeannie Hudson Younger b. 1832 MO d. 24 Aug 1922 Age 80 [p. 65]
Charles B Younger [Jr.] d. 12 May 1935 Age 61 [p. 78]

1906 Feb 23
Source: Santa Cruz Surf 1906-02-23 8:2
— The F. A. Hihn office was closed this afternoon on account of the funeral of Bruce Younger.

1906 Mar 9

Source: Younger Letters (#1725) Box 12, Case 7 Folder B March 09, 1906
From: J. E. Streightif, Manager, Albert Brown Undertaking Co., Berkeley
To: Charles B. Younger, Jr.

“Dear Sir Please Find Enclosed Receipted Bill Thanking you for the Prompt Settlement of the Same. Yours with Respect /s/ J. E. Shreightif.”
1 manuscript letter in black ink on lined sheet, 11” x 8.5”, letterhead of “Albert Brown Undertaking Co., Odd Fellows’ Building, Telephone Mason 581, Berkeley, Cal., J. E. Streightif, Manager.”

1906 Mar 16
Source: Younger Letters (#1726) Box 12, Case 7 Folder B March 16, 1906
From: Daniel A. Burke, Chicago, Ill.
To: Charles B. Younger, Jr.
1 manuscript letter in black ink on two faintly lined sheets, 11” x 8.5”. “Hazelton” watermark.

“Dear Friend Charles, The first visitor to our new Flat at 6448 Jefferson Ave. was your dear boy Donald, and in his beautiful portrait I see your noble self. Rest assured it had the place of honor in my new home. W. F. & Co. Ex. called at my former address and then sent me their Notice Card, so its arrival was somewhat delayed in Chicago. But finally he arrived all right and in perfect condition. It is a splendid portrait, and in his Buster Brown suit, looks to be a big healthy boy, that any man would be proud to be the father of. I wished I had him, and so does Mrs. Burke who is also very fond of children, and is much in love with all of Donald’s protraits.
Charley, I should be much pleased if you could visit Chicago this Summer, and if possible bring Donald, and spend with me, my Vacation. I am within a block of Jackson Park, can look from our windows to the Links, and possibly we could enjoy a sail in some friend’s yacht on the Lake, as the Jackson Park Yacht Club is about 15 minutes walk. When you visited Chicago, just 5 years ago tomorrow, that beautiful St. Patrick’s Day, on a Sunday morning, you found me and Chicago at it worst. I should be much pleased if you could visit me again, and find some relaxation from legal work and rest yourself for a change. My home is humble, but we both understand each other, and as my brother, you would be a Thousand times Welcome. “lead Mille Failthr.”[?] There is much for a professional man to see in our City, and as two days was too short the last time you were here, another visit of a longer stay will interest you greatly I think.

I hope Mrs. Younger is well and reconciled to the will of our Heavenly Father in your sad affliction of the loss of dear little Bruce.

Hoping you are well, as I know dear Donald is from his Picture, sending you and Donald my Love with a Kiss to Donald, I am, with many Thanks for Donald’s portrait. Yours as ever /s/ Daniel A. Burke 6448 Jefferson Ave. Chicago Ill.”