Donate a Collection

The University Library has long appreciated gift materials from individuals and organizations

Over the years, these donated books and other materials have enriched the library collection immensely. However, the University Library no longer accepts donations of books. The Library does appreciate the offer of rare collections or archival materials.


What we especially want



Collections of archival or rare material are of strong interest to Special Collections.

If you feel that your collection may have unusual value for the library, you are welcome to contact the Special Collections & Archives (831) 459-2459.


What to do with other materials 

  1. In general, unbound magazines, journals, newspapers and other such material should be recycled; both the UCSC campus mixed-paper recycling program and the Santa Cruz County recycling program accept such material. 
  2. We suggest that you deliver all other materials, including books, recordings, and audio-visual material to Logos Books and Records. Logos, in downtown Santa Cruz, is happy to accept materials in any quantity. If you wish your material to benefit the University Library, you may indicate this to the Logos staff; you will be provided a gift form for tax purposes and the library will receive credit for those materials that Logos will resell, providing the library with money to purchase needed books.

Contact information: