S&E Cowell Room Closed Dec. 9, S&E Library Closed Dec. 10-Jan. 2

Science and Engineering Library Entrance

•    12/12-12/22: the S&E Library will be closed
This will allow the contractor to front load some of the more noisy and disruptive work ahead of students' winter quarter return. The library will offer a paging service for S&E collections during the closure. To request a book from the S&E collection, please email or call the McHenry Library service desk at (831) 459-5185

•    12/9: the Cowell Room will be closed
This will allow our Operations staff and ITS partners to breakdown and completely vacate the space. We are aware that Friday, 12/9 is the last day of finals; we delayed the closure as long as we could. We plan to aggressively advertise the service disruption and direct students to facilities and services at McHenry Library.

•    12/9: the Gaming Lab will close
The current lab space will become part of the new active learning classroom. A new, larger Gaming Lab will reopen across the hall in room 215 in time for the start of winter quarter instruction.

•    12/9: main level furniture will be reconfigured
Some public furniture on the main level of the library will be disassembled and stored. Other furniture will be relocated within the library. We need to do this to clear space for the low-profile raised flooring that will facilitate power and data in both the new classroom and a new information commons that will be created on the main level.