Service Spotlight

Roving Students
Roving Information Students

Since 2011, the UCSC Library has provided peer-to-peer and point-of-need help to library users. Our crew of intrepid and friendly library ambassadors wearing bright yellow vests can help you with building navigation, finding materials in the stacks, and using the Library’s website. The Roving students walk throughout McHenry Library to answer questions wherever you are. They can even get you started with a research project by helping you find the best library database or online resource, and also how to get started with keyword searching.

As a part of the Library’s Undergraduate Experience Team (UET), you may see our Roving students tabling in front of McHenry Library or at Quarry Plaza, giving library tours, or at campus events like the OPERS Fall Festival during Fall Welcome Week.

Please ask them for help if you see them walking by! You can also ask at the Library Services Desk if there is a Roving student on duty who can help you. They carry walkie-talkies to be able to come to the desk when needed. Our Roving students are eager to make everyone’s library experience successful and enjoyable!