A Deeper History of Data-Driven Advertising

pencil sketch of a library
Tuesday, April 21, 12 - 1pm @ McHenry DSC VizWall

From political ads on Facebook to increasingly tight consumer tracking across the web, the importance of consumer data in modern advertising is more evident now than ever. But data-driven advertising has deeper roots in American experience than the relatively recent rise of the internet. This talk will explore some of the ways that “big data” has intertwined with advertising as far back as the mid-nineteenth century through how data came into its own in the advertising agencies of the 1920s. Understanding how data came to the fore in advertising so early in its modern existence can help us better approach the complexities of the consumer surveillance economy we grapple with today.

Join us Tuesday, April 21st, 12–1pm at the Digital Scholarship Commons VizWall (Ground floor of McHenry Library) for this research talk by Digital Scholarship Librarian Daniel Story. Light refreshments will be provided.