Aerial Photo Flights for Pajaro River Valley

Title Scale Index Map
1928-F California Coastline: Santa Cruz to Watsonville 1:12,000 1928f Index
1931-B Flight C-1437 1:12,000 1931b Index
1931-D Flight C-1550 Santa Cruz County, Monterey Co. 1:20,000 1931d Index
1935 Flight C-3300 1:19,512 1935 c3300 Index Key
1937 Flight ABG 1:20,000 1937 Flight ABG Index Key
1939-A Flight CJA 1:20,000 1939a Flight ABG Index Key
1940-D Flight 491 V Can #2A-205 California Coastline: Point Lobos to San Gregorio, Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties 1:31,000 1940d 491 v can 2a 205 Index Key
1948 Flight CDF-5 Santa Cruz County 1:10,000 1948 CDF-5 Index Key
1949-C Flight ABG/BUX Monterey County, California, with overlap into Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties 1:20,000 1949c Flight ABG-BUX Index Key
1952 Flight GS-WL Chittenden, Moss Landing, Prunedale, San Juan Bautista, Santa Cruz, Soquel, Watsonville East, and Watsonville West quadrangles 1:23,600 1952 Index Key
1953 Flight CCL 1:10,000 1953 CCL Index Key
1954-A Flight C-20607 1:7,200 1954a Index Key
1956-B Flight CJA Santa Cruz County 1:10,000 1956b Index Key
1956-C Flight ABG Monterey County 1:20,000 1965c Index Key
1957 Flight C-22830 Portions of Monterey, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz Counties 1:24,000 1957 Index Key
1961-B Santa Cruz County Coastline Natural Bridges State Park to Mouth of the Pajaro River 1:10,000 1961b Index Key
1963-E Flight CJA Santa Cruz County with overlap into adjoining counties 1:10,000 1943e CDF-5 Index Key
1964-C Santa Cruz County, including Laurel, Los Gatos, Loma Prieta, Soquel, Santa Cruz, and Watsonville West quadrangles; with overlap into Santa Clara and Monterey Counties 1:24,000 Aerial photo index map flight: 1964c.jpg
1965-D Flight SC Santa Cruz County Coastline 1:10,000 1965d Index
1967-E California Coastline 1:12,000 1967e Index Key
1968-C Flight VBZJ & VBZK San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties, with partial coverage of Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Clara Counties 1:30,000 + 1968c Index Key
1969-G Flight PR Pajaro River and Vicinity 1:7,200 1969G Flight PR Index Key
1970 California coastline from Pismo Beach (San Luis Obispo County) north to Half Moon Bay (San Mateo County) 1:12,000 1970 Index Key
1971 Color IR Flight NASA/MSC 164 Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties, Monterey County (partial), Santa Clara County (partial), San Benito County (partial), and Alameda County (partial) 1:120,000 1971 Color IR Index
1972-73 Flight GS-VDDI Monterey County,Orthophoto Project with overlap into Santa Cruz, San Benito, Santa Clara, Fresno, Kings, and San Luis Obispo Counties 1:80,000 1972-73 Index Key
1973 Color San Andreas Fault Zone 1:10,000 1973 Color Index Key
1974 Color IR Flight Salinas River Santa Cruz County, with overlap into the adjoining counties; coverage includes features such as Ano Nuevo and Elkhorn Slough. 1:24,000 1974_salinas_river Index Key
1974 Color San Andreas Fault Zone, including Zayante Fault and Vergales Fault ; portions of Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County, San Benito County, and Monterey County 1:36,000 + 1974 Color Index Key
1975 Flight SCZCO Santa Cruz County 1:12,000 1975 Index Key
1976-77 Flight DNOD-AFU-C Color California Coastline 1:12,000 1976-1977 Index Key
1978-B Color Flight DNOD-AFU & DPR-AFU Central California coastline; Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties 1:12,000 1978b Index Key
1979 Color Flight CC-AIX-C Central California Coastline 1:12,000 1979 Color Index Key
1980-D Flight: 06069 06085 06087 Santa Cruz County 1:40,000 1980d Index Key
1980-E Flight CC-AKR-CIR Color IR Elkhorn Slough Watershed 1:12,000 1980e Index
1980-G Flight CCL California coastline from Lopez Point (Monterey County) north to Lake Merced (San Francisco County) 1:24,000 1980g Index Key
1982-A Color IR Flight 82-022 Santa Cruz County (partial); Santa Clara County (partial) 1:48,000 1982a Index
1982-C Flight JSC Santa Cruz County with overlap into Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Monterey Counties 1:20,000 1982c Index Key
1985-D Flight WAC-85CA Santa Cruz County 1:31,680 1985d
1985-F Flight WAC-85CA Monterey County 1:31,680 1985f Index Key
1987-B Flight NAPP Santa Cruz County with overlap into Monterey, Santa Clara, San Benito, and San Mateo Counties 1:40,000 1987b Index Key
1987-H Color IR Flight At II 4109 304.89 Monterey Bay including coastline and portions of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties 1:65,000 1987h Index Key
1989-A Flight WAC-89CA Santa Cruz County with overlap into Monterey, Santa Clara, San Benito, and San Mateo Counties 1:31,680 1889A Index Key
1989-F Flight AFS LIB Santa Cruz County 1:24,000 1989f afs lib Index Key
1989-H Flight GSLPEQ San Andreas Fault Zone, from San Juan Bautista northwest to Highway 17 1:6,000 1989h Index Key
1989-I Flight USGS Monterey Bay Monterey Bay Coastline 1:6,000 1989i Index Key
1989-K Flight USGS Pajaro River and San Benito River 1:6,000 1989k Index Key
1993 Santa Cruz County, with overlap into Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Benito, and Monterey Counties 1:31,680 Aerial photo index key flight: 1993
1994 Santa Cruz County, southern San Mateo County, Santa Cruz Mountains (Santa Clara County), with overlap into Monterey and San Benito Counties 1:15,840 1994 Index Key
1997 Flight WAC 97CA Santa Cruz County, with overlap into Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties 1:24,000 1997 WAC 97CA Index Key
1998 Santa Cruz County, with some overlap into Santa Clara County 1:20,000 1998 Index Key
2003-A Flight AMBAG Santa Cruz County 1:7,200 2003a AMBAG Index Key
2003-B Flight AMBAG Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties 1:28,800 2003b Index Key