Aerial Photo Flights for Coastline only, Santa Cruz County

Title Scale Index Map
1928-B California Coastline: Waddell Beach and Vicinity 1:12,000 1928b Index
1928-C California Coastline: Santa Cruz to Davenport 1:12,000 1928c Index
1928-D California Coastline: Davenport to Waddell Beach 1:12,000 1928d
1928-E California Coastline: Waddell Beach to Santa Cruz 1:12,000 1928e
1928-G California Coastline: Watsonville North 1:20,000 1928g Index
1928-H Santa Cruz County Coastline: Santa Cruz to Watsonville 1:12,000 1928h Index
1940-D Flight 491 V Can #2A-205 California Coastline: Point Lobos to San Gregorio, Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties 1:31,000 1940d 491 v can 2a 205 Index Key
1953 Flight CCL 1:10,000 1953 CCL Index Key
1961-B Santa Cruz County Coastline Natural Bridges State Park to Mouth of the Pajaro River 1:10,000 1961b Index Key
1963-D Flight SC Santa Cruz City Coastline 1:3,600 1963d Index
1963-F Flight SC Santa Cruz Coastline 1:3,600 1963f
1965-B Flight SC-1 Santa Cruz County Coastline 1:3,600 1965b
1965-D Flight SC Santa Cruz County Coastline 1:10,000 1965d Index
1965-F Flight SC Santa Cruz County Coastline 1:3,600 1965f Index
1965-J Flight SC Santa Cruz County Coastline varies 1965j Index
1966-C Flight SC Santa Cruz County Coastline 1:3,600 1966c Index
1967-A Flight SC Santa Cruz County Coastline 1:3,600 1967a Index
1967-D Flight SC City of Capitola Coastline 1:3,600 1967d Index
1967-E California Coastline 1:12,000 1967e Index Key
1967-K Flight SC Capitola Coastline: Park Avenue to 41st 1:3,600 1967k Index
1967-M Flight CCL 2 California coastline from Corcoran Lagoon (Santa Cruz County) north to Año Nuevo (San Mateo County) 1:10,000 1967m ccl-2 Index Key
1970 California coastline from Pismo Beach (San Luis Obispo County) north to Half Moon Bay (San Mateo County) 1:12,000 1970 Index Key
1976-77 Flight DNOD-AFU-C Color California Coastline 1:12,000 1976-1977 Index Key
1978-B Color Flight DNOD-AFU & DPR-AFU Central California coastline; Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties 1:12,000 1978b Index Key
1978-C/D Flight DPR-AIH California Coastline 1:2,400 1978cd Index Key
1980-G Flight CCL California coastline from Lopez Point (Monterey County) north to Lake Merced (San Francisco County) 1:24,000 1980g Index Key
1984-A Color Flight Monterey Point Lobos Coastline north to Point Santa Cruz 1:12,000 1984a Color Index Key
1986-87 Flight CC-APU-C & CDBW-APU-C Color California coastline 1:12,000 1986-87 Index Key
2001 Flight CCC-BQK-C Santa Cruz County Coastline 1:12,000 2001 Index Key