Aerial Photo Flights for Carmel

Title Scale Index Map
1939-B Flight ABG 1:20,000 1939b Index Key
1940-D Flight 491 V Can #2A-205 California Coastline: Point Lobos to San Gregorio, Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties 1:31,000 1940d 491 v can 2a 205 Index Key
1942-A Flight 489 V Can #2A-203 Coastline: Point Estero to Point Lobos, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties 1:30,000 1942A Index Key
1945-A Flight C-9820 Monterey Peninsula 1:7,200 1945a Index Key
1949-C Flight ABG/BUX Monterey County, California, with overlap into Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties 1:20,000 1949c Flight ABG-BUX Index Key
1953-54 Flight: GS-YH 1:37,400
1956-C Flight ABG Monterey County 1:20,000 1965c Index Key
1966-E Flight ABG Northern half of Monterey County 1:20,000 1966e Index Key
1972-73 Flight GS-VDDI Monterey County,Orthophoto Project with overlap into Santa Cruz, San Benito, Santa Clara, Fresno, Kings, and San Luis Obispo Counties 1:80,000 1972-73 Index Key
1976-77 Flight DNOD-AFU-C Color California Coastline 1:12,000 1976-1977 Index Key
1977-B Flight DPR-AGP Point Lobos State Reserve 1:12,000 1977b Index Key
1978-B Color Flight DNOD-AFU & DPR-AFU Central California coastline; Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties 1:12,000 1978b Index Key
1980-G Flight CCL California coastline from Lopez Point (Monterey County) north to Lake Merced (San Francisco County) 1:24,000 1980g Index Key
1981-82 Monterey County from Marina south to Ventana Wilderness 1:24,000 1981-82 Index Key
1984-A Color Flight Monterey Point Lobos Coastline north to Point Santa Cruz 1:12,000 1984a Color Index Key
1985-F Flight WAC-85CA Monterey County 1:31,680 1985f Index Key
1986-87 Flight CC-APU-C & CDBW-APU-C Color California coastline 1:12,000 1986-87 Index Key
1990-D Flight WAC-MONTEREY-90 Salinas, Monterey, and Carmel Valley 1:15,840 1990d Index Key
1997-A Flight WAC-97CA Monterey County with overlap into San Benito County 1:24,000 1997a Index Key
1998-A Northern Monterey County 1:20,000 1982a Index Key
2003-C Flight AMBAG Carmel, Monterey County 1:4,200 2003c Index
2003-E Flight AMBAG Monterey County 1:7,200 2003e AMBAG Index Key
2003-F Flight AMBAG Monterey County 1:7,200 2003f Index Key