LAUC SC Academic Senate Activities

From the Academic Senate Bylaws

Graduate Council

13.21.1 There are ten Santa Cruz Division members, plus the Dean of Graduate Studies serving ex officio. In addtion, there are one Library representative nominated by the UCSC Librarians Association, no more than three Graduate Student Association representatives, and one Postdoctoral Scholars Association Representative. Among the Division members, there are at least one, but no more than three members from each academic division and the School of Engineering. SB 330A specifies that the Dean of Graduate Studies may not serve as chair or vice chair of the Graduate Council. [SB 330A] (Am 6 Dec 67, 22 Jan 69, 3 Dec 69, 13 Oct 76, 9 Nov 2000, 16 May 03; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 2 Sept 69, 1 Aug 76, 18 Oct 91, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04)

13.21.2 The Graduate Council coordinates all academic procedures at Santa Cruz which bear on the conferring of higher degrees . It establishes policies regarding admission to candidacy for higher degrees, limitation of graduate study lists, appointment of committees in charge of candidates' studies and research, and the supervision of examinations for higher degrees. It approves on behalf of the Santa Cruz Division the award of higher degrees.

13.21.3 The Graduate Council reviews proposals for new programs for existing higher degrees and for the establishment of new higher degrees. At least five days in advance of its consideration of such proposals, it notifies members of the Santa Cruz Division of the general nature of the proposals and invites interested members to submit memoranda with regard to them. Proposals approved by the Graduate Council and by the Committee on Planning and Budget are recommended by the Council to the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs. (Am 25 May 77; CC 24 Jan 77, 24 Jan 79, 31 Aug 98)

13.21.4 The Graduate Council has plenary authority in all matters relating to graduate courses of instruction in the Santa Cruz Division. On these matters, the Council maintains liaison with the Divisional Committee on Educational Policy. [DLR 1987.5A and 1996.10B] (Am 10 May 67, 4 June 69, 26 May 76; CC 1 Aug 77, 28 Jan 81)

Academic Senate Committee on the Library

13.23.1 There are five Santa Cruz Division members, plus the University Librarian at Santa Cruz serving ex officio. In addition, there are no more than two student representatives. The Chair and Chair-elect of the UCSC Librarians Association are invited to sit with the Committee. The University Librarian does not serve as chair. (Am 3 Dec 69, 6 Nov 91, 25 May 94; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04)

13.23.2 The Committee advises the President of the University and the Chancellor at Santa Cruz regarding the administration of the library at Santa Cruz, in accordance with the Standing Orders of The Regents. It consults with campus and library administrations on matters of local and Universitywide policy. Whenever appropriate, it joins the library administration in providing representation at Universitywide discussions of library policy. It assists the library administration in determining the effect on accession policy of new or changing programs, changing patterns of faculty and student use of the library, and the varied needs of the different disciplines. (Am 22 May 74)