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Vanderbilt professor and poet Dr. Mark Jarman, Porter College graduate in 1974, along with his wife, Amy Kane Jarman, annually honor Mark's former professor George Hitchcock by contributing funds to purchase poetry books.  The library's collection of contemporary poetry is among the best such collection in the University of California library system, thanks to the Jarmans.


"I probably spent more hours in the library at UCSC than anywhere else.  Precious to me is the memory of sitting on the bridge with other young aspiring writers and having William Everson, on his way to and from the press, stop and talk with us.  The library was where I went to find books that my teachers, especially George Hitchcock, recommended that I should read.  I met friends at the library, spent lunch hours and after dinner hours reading there, discovered poetry and fiction and literary criticism there, and I still think of the library with a fondness it is hard to describe."
Mark Jarman

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