Food and Drink Guidelines

Food and drink items are allowed in the Library.

  • If you have a drink, please make sure it is covered.
  • If you have food with strong odors, be considerate about whether the smell might be disruptive to those nearby.


  • Wipe up accidents and dispose of your trash, compostables, and recyclables.
  • Tell a library staff member if there is a spill to ensure damaged items are properly treated.

Areas Where No Food or Drinks Are Allowed:

  • Book stacks
  • Near photocopiers, printers, and microform readers
  • McHenry Special Collections & Archives
  • Dead Central
  • S&E Game Room

Senior Library Management may approve special events or other exceptions to policy.

Patrons who don't comply with the UCSC Library Food and Drink Policy are considered in violation of the UCSC Library Use and Conduct Code.

Policy effective: September 22, 2008

Policy updated: August 2, 2017