March-May 2006

Update of Technical Services Activities, March-May 2006

Current Status of Technical Services Activities and Major Staff Assignment Changes in 2006/2007 Current under-staffing and the impact of significant rapid changes coming from national cataloging agencies, publishers, vendors and CDL require Technical Services to re-align staff assignments so that we can assume numerous essential projects and be prepared for additional challenges in the upcoming year. Major Staff Assignment Changes: In Cataloging, Shirley has taken over the copy cataloging of replacements, rush requests and books with CDROMS & sound recordings from the LA5’s. She is acting more as a resource person for the LA3’s in copy cataloging, making referrals when appropriate while assisting Lai-Ying in monitoring the cataloging workflow. Tungyi is now responsible for correcting locations from the Boolean list she creates daily. Teri has been using Excel, FileMaker Pro and MarcEdit to manipulate and global update data exported from Cruzcat, and to batch load them back into Cruzcat. Teri and Mike will be the backup for each other in many of the electronic record management activities. Mike will work with Teri on issues relating to serials and provide support to Tungyi in resolving e-resources problems coming from Request Tracker.

Essential Projects: Various Technical Services staff members, either in groups or alone, have been involved in numerous projects to address imminent issues stemming from outside or UC systemwide initiatives. Consultation will be provided by Lai-Ying when needed and issues will be brought forward for internal discussions or for consultation with other sections when appropriate. About 35 issues have been identified and about 12 of them are projects already in progress. These projects illustrate the wide range of changes that Technical Services have to grapple with in the upcoming year. There are still many other important issues that are not listed here, but may take precedence when need warrants.

1. Cataloging / Electronic Record Management:

Projects in Progress: • Students are collecting issn’s to about 25,000+ inactive and active serials under Teri’s supervision whenever data is available • Teri is modifying the system record numbers in Cruzcat to ensure proper record overlays and linking • Lai-Ying is reviewing all the batch record loaders for both CDL and vendor records • Yiyen is establishing the procedure for updating personal names with death dates • Terra and Varvara are reviewing how staff should handle the transition of the isbn numbers from 10 digits to 13 digits • Janet Y. is revising the procedure for the preparation of bibliographic records for print dissertations by all catalogers to speed up the processing of print dissertations • Lai-Ying and the original catalogers are collecting series samples for understanding the impact of the new LC series policy, consulting Public Services and Collection Planning concerning series usage, and recommending our next course of actions for further input

Pending Projects: • Implementation of the new integrating resource format for databases and loose-leaf materials • Review of the indexing of ISSN, ISBN, music, LC and other system numbers that affect linking and other indexing issues • Training on the use of Millennium Cataloging • Transition of oclc numbers from 8 to 9 digits with a new prefix • Upgrade to OCLC Connexion 1.6 • Review of OCLC Connexion functionality and features that can be applied in cataloging operations • Training on Classification Web • Training on Cataloger’s Desktop • Training on the use of Millennium global update for database maintenance • Review of authorities checking operations • Participation in the coordination of UC cataloging initiatives resulting from the BSTF recommendations • Training by UC on the Funnel Project for OCLC/CONSER serials record maintenance • Training on the cataloging of electronic resources including computer games • Review of UCSD’s METS wrappers and/or OCLC’s metadata extraction and creation

2. Serials / E-Resources:

Projects in Progress: • Peggy and Kelly are defining the Identity and Format fields in the order records • Teri will global update order records using the new Format code • Teri will batch load current publisher information to the serials bibliographic records • Mike and Tungyi are working on defining the meaning of PRINT+FREE ONLINE Pending Projects: • Update data in the Identity and Format fields in the order records • Decide on how to describe the access platform notes in the order records • Evaluate the usefulness of having current publisher and other acquisitions data in the bibliographic records • Extract and compile current list of local subscriptions with specific data • Review of the entire e-resource ordering, renewal, link registration/activation process • How to make better use of serials vendors’ tools • Review impact of Verde

3. Acquisitions:

Pending Projects: • Set up procedures using Millennium Acquisitions for invoicing, record loading, ordering, receiving, cancellations, etc. • Review of OCLC Connexion functionality and features that can be applied to acquisitions operations 4. Technical Services: Project in Progress: Migrate to Millennium 2006

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