Melvyl Request Show Me How

1.Change the dropdown menu to libraries worldwide. Type in the title and click search. When the item you are looking for appears, click on the title.

2.On the next page, scroll down until you see WorldCat, click Request.

3. After hitting "Request", you'll see a screen prompting you to enter info about yourself: In the library card field,enter your barcode with no hyphens.

4. On the confirmation page, click Process my Request Now.

You must accept copyright restrictions to place your order.

5. You should see a confirmation notice. If you want an email confirmation enter your address and click mail. When you are done click Close Window.

          If you have any trouble with Melvyl request, help is available at:

  • Interlibrary Loan, on the main floor of McHenry Library, or at 459-2234
  • The Reference Desk at either McHenry or the Science & Engineering Library