Learning supplies vending machine

learning supplies vending machine

The University Library and Bay Tree Bookstore have partnered to bring a learning supplies vending machine to McHenry Library.

Have you ever needed a blue book or a scantron when the bookstore was closed? Have you ever forgotten your pen or flashdrive? Have you ever needed a kleenex or an Advil when studying late at night?

Now you can find all those things and more at McHenry Library, at the south end of the second (entry) floor near the printers and copiers.

AA batteries (x4): $5.75

AAA batteries (x4): $5.75

Advil: $1.95

Blue books (x4): $1.00

DayQuil: $2.25

Dry erase markers (x4): $8.75

Earbuds: $10

Erasers: $1.00 and $1.25

Hand sanitizer: $3.25

Highlighter: $1.65

Index cards (x100): $1.00

Kleenex: $0.75

Mechanical pencils: $2.25

Notebook (small): $1.50

Notebook (large): $2.75

NyQuil: $2.25

Pens: $2.25 to $2.50

Scantrons, small (x6): $1.35

Scantrons, large (x4): $1.00

Tylenol: $1.95

USB flash drive (8GB): $11

White out: $4.00