Library Instruction Request Form

UCSC Faculty:

  • When requesting more than one class, fill out 1 form for each section.
  • As a courtesy, please make requests at least 2-weeks prior to the date.
If you wish to book a classroom equipped with computers, consider:
  • Faculty Instruction Technology Center (FITC), Located in McHenry Library, 1st floor. FITC has 2 presentation rooms. Inquire with FITC about laptops and/or ask students to bring their own.
  • Campus Labs with instructor stations: Ming Ong-Merrill (PC platform; accommodates 40); Baskin Engineering 109 (PC; 48); Porter (Mac; 20); Soc Sci 1 (Mac; 23); Soc Sci 1 (PC; 40).
  • Your Classroom - All campus classrooms (with few exceptions) are equipped with a projector, sound system and one wired internet plug. Students may utilize wireless with their laptops. The library loans out a limited number of laptops for 4-hour checkout periods.
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