Library Circle of Advocates

The UCSC Library Advocates are passionate about knowledge and take pride in supporting Library excellence in UCSC Library facilities, services and collections for future generations of students, faculty and community members.


UCSC Library excellence means:

  • Serving Library patrons beyond the Library's physical boundaries
  • Deploying innovative tools to provide, present and preserve a deep and broad array of information resources
  • Offering spaces and tools that enhance teaching, learning and research for all library patrons
  • Being a campus model of efficient use of resources



True to the best of UC Santa Cruz traditions, the philanthropy of UCSC Library Advocates enables the library to provide services that enhance the UCSC experience above and beyond the ordinary.

Join the Circle!

UCSC Library Advocates make a minimum annual gift of $2,000 to high priority Library projects, as identified in collaboration with the University Librarian.

They renew their membership every year and meet twice a year:

  • In the fall, for a unique insider view of library projects and operations
  • In the spring, for a behind the scenes educational experience

They also support the University Library with a variety of other activities.

If you would like to be invited to the Library Circle of Advocates call (831) 459.4211