From the University Librarian

2015 I’m delighted to share with you that a measure to create a fee to support 24/5 access to the Science & Engineering Library’s main floor will be on the May student ballot. Both the Student Union Assembly and the individual College governments endorsed the measure to appear on the ballot. If the measure passes, the fee will support a 3-year pilot to test a central concept of the renovation plans: all-night library access. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  

As you know, we at UCSC completed one library renovation project in 2012 and have embarked on another. I recently spoke to the members of the Santa Cruz Public Library Joint Powers Board about the thinking, planning, and processes involved in the re-do of the McHenry building and the planned renovation of the Science & Engineering Library. As those board members consider their own building and renovation projects, they appreciated hearing about the openness and flexibility that characterized the process that created the transformative changes our students now enjoy.

Collaboration among community organizations is always gratifying. The Santa Cruz Public Library is working to expand its local history collections by digitizing photographs of local residents. Since the University Library’s Digital Initiatives staff had experience in this arena, they provided training and direction at the kickoff event of the Snapshot Series that was held at the Museum of Art and History. The Public Library Joint Powers Board officially recognized Sue Perry and her staff at their recent meeting. Thanks to Sue and her very capable staff!

Elizabeth Cowell

University Librarian